Eid Dresses

Eid(العيد) is the time of joy and blessings for the entire Muslim community. It is an utmost religious celebration observed globally. Eid is celebrated twice a year, Muslims from around the globe celebrate Eid with their near and dear ones. The Eid festival is usually celebrated by wearing Eid Dresses, eating delicious food, putting up henna and gathering up with near and dear ones. People dress up in their finest attire in order to celebrate the occasion.

Eid Festive Attires:

Festive attire on Eid is based on the culture, tradition, ethnicity and region. Muslims all around the world celebrate Eid and show off their Eid spirit by dressing up. Many people go for traditional Eid attire that reflect their culture and heritage. These traditional garments are beautifully designed with rich embroidery, fine fabric and mostly vibrant colours. Festive dresses on Eid consist of fancy embroidery with delicate craftwork and other embellishment. These small elements give grace to the Eid dresses.

Traditional Eid Dresses

Eid outfit is a perfect reflection of heritage and culture. During the occasion of Eid Muslims gear up wearing traditional ethnic Eid dresses in the honour of this festival. Some modest and traditional Eid clothing include: Abayas, kaftan, long dresses, Shalwar kamez and Anarkali kurta’s which are manufactured by fabrics such as chiffon, silk and mainly cotton.

Men traditionally wear kurta pyjama or pants for Eid, on the other hand women dress in salwar kameez or a full length modest dress that covers down to the foot mostly brightly coloured, embroidered and beaded. Women’s Eid dresses are a blend of trendy and cultural designs usually embroidered, shimmery or handcrafted which give them a graceful look.  We have the most think likely festive Eid collection and it is drool-worthy.

Jugni’s Luxury Eid Collection:

Eid is a time of celebration and joy. Jugni is offering traditionally associated oriental festive Eid dresses which are best for any event or formal occasion. We have some mesmerizing Eid luxury designs which will make you look decent and glamourous.

Elegant Eid Edit: Pret-a-Porter

Explore Jugni’s ready to wear luxury Eid collection made with high quality exquisite material, luxurious fabrics and unique style. These material are rich and high-end creating an aura of elegance, grace, sophistication and luxury. Jugni’s designer wear has unique and artistic Eid designs with elegant embroidery and well-executed tailoring. When shopping for an elegant Eid outfit get your hands on Jugni’s wide Eid collection comprising of vast graceful designs.

Embrace your Culture and Heritage with our Festive Attires

Embrace your roots by dressing up in a traditional shalwar kamez on Eid. Choose from our handcrafted embroidered to simple yet elegant range. The comfort and versatility of a simple shalwar kamez on Eid makes this attire the best of all. Shalwar kamez is not just a national or cultural attire of Pakistan, but it is also Eid’s favourite dress. Shalwar kameez is a must have for both men’s and women’s on Eid.

Dazzle your Festive Outfit

Elevate your Eid look with a long dress which compliments your body. Maxi is a long floor touching outfit which boosts your look up and make you stand up with confidence and elegancy. It can be also called as a long dress or a long garment that flows down to your ankles. It can be made up of variety of fabrics as in silk, satin, velvet, cotton and georgette. Discover a wide range of Eid dresses including dazzling pleated long dresses.


Eid dresses hold heritage and tradition. Many people choose to wear cultural dresses on Eid such as ethnic outfits. This may involve shalwar kameez, kaftan, regional garments and many more. Opt for an Eid attire that adds up traditional significance to your personality.

  • Embroidery and detailing:

Jugni offers Eid dresses with beadwork, delicate embroidery and other embellishment. These dresses can add up a graceful touch to your overall Eid look.

  • Vibrant colours:

Wearing vibrant colours on Eid represents the festive spirit as Eid is a joyous celebration. Eid dresses should be vibrant, bright and of rich tone. Make you Eid outfit stand out by choosing it from Jugni’s Eid collection to gain a timeless look this Eid.

  • Accessorize:

Enhance your Eid appeal by pairing up your favorite jewelry with you with outfit. Go for a statement jewelry such as earrings, necklace, bangles, jhumki, gajray and delicate rings. You can also pair a embroidered fancy dupatta to achieve a traditional look. Last but not least finish your look by pairing a set of stylish footwear and a matching handbag.

  • Consider the tradition:

Maintain a balance between your cultural heritage and the modern trend with Jugni’s trendy Eid collection. Choose an Eid dress that emits your personal style, your culture and makes you look as well as feel confident and beautiful.

Jugni’s Eid festive wear will not only enhance your appearance but also elevates your look and personality by making you feel sophisticated luxurious and elegant.

At Jugni, we have it all from festive 2pc, 3pc dresses to kaftan’s, shalwar kameez, saree, mirror work and gowns best for every festive occasion.

Add some Bling to your Eid look:

Get your hands on our prettiest ready to wear Eid dresses to pop up your look this Eid. These beautiful Eid dresses are designed to match our festive season. Glamorize you attire with our fully embroidered Eid collection. Add a touch of modern and trendy style to your wardrobe with our vibrant collection of various color schemes. The most elegant array of dresses with both traditional and cultural touch to it. Bring out the spirit of ethnic wear this festive season with our jubilant compilation of Eid sets.


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