Eastern culture:

We know that the Eastern culture comprises various cultural heritages, traditions, cultures, and beliefs. Their fashion style is traditional and classy. Eastern fashion focuses on colourful and bright clothes. Eastern parts of the world have had their traditional clothing for a long era.

When selecting a 2 piece eastern suit consider the occasion and its value and then find the best set which reflects your culture and heritage.

2 piece eastern dresses:

2 pieces eastern dresses are also known as 2 piece suits or sets, they consist of a top and bottom garment which can be worn together. It can also be worn as a coordinated outfit

Elevate your style with our elegant 2 piece collection, designed with delicate embroidery and patterns which are trendy yet traditionally appealing and best for desi gatherings and formal occasions. Get ready to add this trendy fashion forward desi aesthetics to your wardrobe from our charming scheme of 2 piece collection. Enhance your fashion statement with the most anticipated festive attire. Our collection is featured a gorgeous array of traditional 2 piece dresses from traditional to modern.

Jugni’s 2 piece suit and sets come in various types and designs in preference to every occasion. Our collection involves trendy western and eastern 2 piece suits and coordinated sets. Our co-ord sets are made up of breathable fabrics great for comfortable and chic summer look.

Traditional 2 piece Shalwar kameez:

A traditional 2 piece shalwar and kameez is a must have for every wardrobe. These are printed together in order to create a coordinated look. Jugni offers shalwar kameez sets in various designs, lux embroidery, stylish prints, trendy patterns, and fabric with elegant embellishments and graceful craftwork. You can never go wrong with a decent shalwar kameez outfit. Embrace your roots by styling up in a traditional 2 piece shalwar kamez. Choose from our handcrafted embroided to simple yet elegant range. The comfort and versatility of a simple 2 piece shalwar kamez on any occasion makes this attire the best of all. Shalwar kamez is not just a national or cultural attire of Pakistan, but the most trendy indeed. A 2 piece Shalwar kameez suit is a must have for both men and women.

Stylish 2 piece Kurti and trouser:

Kurti and trouser is a popular choice for those who are seeking for a chic casual look or a formal gathering. Kurta and trouser is always the perfect outfit for casual and formal occasions. This 2 piece versatile piece of attire is the best option to embrace an effortlessly stylish look for a casual outing. We have a collection of light summer fabrics as well as refined fabrics which are well-tailored, featuring dreamy prints and vibrant colours. Jugni offers a blend of casual yet elegant 2 piece kurti and trouser which are embroided and embellished with minimal designs making them the best option for every kind of occasion.

Luxury 2 piece suit:

Looking for a sophisticated and luxury 2 piece suit? Well look no more, Jugni is offering traditionally associated oriental festive 2 piece dresses which are best for any event or formal occasion. We have some mesmerising eastern luxury designs which will make you look decent and glamourous Jugni designer wear offers alluring 2 piece ethnic dresses in variety of design, with their lux embroidery which gives them an elegant and sophisticated look. For a timeless and versatile look style yourself in Jugni’s ethnic 2 piece suit and sets.

Jugni’s 2 piece traditional dresses are the best for any event or formal occasion. Our luxury suits embodies minimal yet chic aesthetic. We have some mesmerising luxury designs which will make you look elegant and glamourous at any occasion.

Jugni’s versalet 2 piece Co-ord sets:

Co-ord sets are two-piece outfits that are made up of the same fabric, matching colours, and patterns. Co-ord sets are versatile and trendy clothing garments that can be easily worn casually. Our ethnic Co-ord sets are designed in coordinated style which reflects the aesthetics and tradition of our heritage and culture. Shop this trendy fashion-forward collection of versatile co-ord sets from Jugni’s chic co-ord set collection available in a variety of trendy designs.

2 piece festive embroidered suits:

Jugni’s 2 piece festive wear will not only enhance your appearance but also elevates your look and personality by making you feel luxurious and sophisticated. Discover the latest festive wear collection and look glamorous at every festive event as Jugni offers the trendiest and sophisticated 2 piece festive suits embellished with delicate, elegant and luxurious embroidery. We have an exclusive range of droll-worthy designs and elegant patterns of 2 piece suits which are available online.

Serene 2 piece wedding suits:

2 piece wedding wear is our oriental traditional and cultural wedding attire which is worn by the brides. Make your big day special by getting your hands on our charming and subtle 2 piece joras, for alluring wedding outfits opt for Jugni’s 2 piece wedding wear which has mesmerizing design and vibrant colours which is of great cultural significance.


 2 PIECE suits and co-ord sets look chic and elegant on their own but in order to enhance the timeless elegance of these you can opt for minimal jewellery or minimalist delicate accessories and keep it simple yet graceful.

Shop 2 piece suits at Jugni’s designer wear:

Looking for a casual or luxury 2 piece suit? Well look no more, Jugni is offering traditionally associated oriental festive 2 piece dresses which are best for any event or formal occasion. Achieve your modern, traditional, festive, and ethnic look at our online website. We have some mesmerising 2 piece luxury designs which will make you look decent and glamourous. We offer a variety of 2 piece suits in many categories, designs, and styles, which are best for every season. From Eastern, Western and Casual wear to Festive, wedding, and Luxury Embroidered dresses we have it all available at our online website.